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If you feel like going for a non-scheduled ride, check out our OMRA FaceBook Page for people posting if they feel up for a ride  and occasionally some of us join up at the A&W/Starbucks parking lot at the Riverside Shopping Centre on Sundays during riding season. Rides usually leave at 10 am.



Tom Cook and Rod Cousins are willing to put together a Ride in the Fall either this 2016 or 2017. The months we could consider based on weather is April through November. There are many interesting areas to tour and we would avoid major roads like Interstates. Below are some possible Southeast destinations and information.

The Barber Museum in Birmingham, Alabama is a World class motorcycle museum…/motorcycle-spotlight/

Two hundred miles east of the museum is Andersonville, a major southern Civil War prison camp

At the museum we would be within reasonable distance of the Blue Ridge Parkway, a 450 mile long National Park which is approximately a half mile wide. Like going back in time

We would be close to Maggie Valley and the “Tail of the Dragon

We could also go as far south as Key West. Click on link below and use google to find other sites

Places to look at potential motorcycle rentals are most Harley Dealers and Eagle Riders (link below) and there are probably lots more -

West Palm Beach -

If there is any interest in developing a tour to the south east US, whether riding from here or flying and renting there, please contact Tom Cook

El Prez Tom Cook was the 2015 Iron Butt winner.  Congratulations Tom!

Roy Colmer was the Random Winner.  Congratulations Roy!

Denice Brachmann was the Random Winner. Congratulations Denice!

Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at the Eagles Lodge in Penticton (1197 Main Street) and meetings are called to order @ 7 pm.


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