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   OMRA Poem

We've all got a bike
But they're not the same

We're all bike riders
That much we can claim

We've all been to places
With a different name
In a photo of great landscape
 You want your bike in
the frame

A poker run is the best
Fund raiser we can name

We're stopping for wings
Yep, I'll have the same

 We've all got great memories
A great ride, that's our aim

We've all made mistakes
And we know who's to blame

We've all held our hands
Too close to the flame

We've all wanted sunshine
But the rains, they came

We've all desired riches
But maybe not the fame

We've all told jokes
And some of them were lame

We've all felt like wild horses

And been glad we weren't tame

Ride like the wind
That's what we proclaim

Because of all this
A cycle club we became

Al Hays

We are a friendly bunch of people coming together from all walks of life to ride motorcycles.

All bikes and riders

OMRA is a registered
non-profit society.            

OMRA supports various
local non-profit organizations
(to name a few).

       We promote a common goal of safe riding and camaraderie among riders.

* Okanagan Similkameen 
Neurological Society - Child Development Centre

* South Okanagan Toy Run,
 the St. Vincent DePaul Society

* Summerland Fire Department
* South Okanagan Similkameen Medical

* South Okanagan Similkameen Brain Injury Society

* Okanagan Falls Helping Hand Society

* Penticton BMX

* SOWINS (South Okanagan Women In Need Society)

* Penticton’s Discovery House
 * Critteraid, Summerland
 * Oliver and Osoyoos Christmas Hamper programs.

OMRA members selflessly volunteer many hours in support of our communities by assisting with selling tickets, traffic control and even flippin' burgers.

* MS Walk

* M&M Charity BBQ

* Peach City Beach Cruise

* GranFondo

* Ironman (in the past)

* The Challenge (Penticton)



A quote from one of our very active members,
"You have a lot more fun when you jump in with both feet and be in the thick of things."


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     Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month at the
Eagles Lodge in Penticton (1197 Main Street) and meetings
are called to order @ 7 pm.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive copy of minutes in 2 months please contact us at

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